Terms & Conditions: Relocations

HouseHoppers Logistics Johannesburg (PTY) LTD and HouseHoppers Relocations Cape Town (PTY) LTD t/a HouseHoppers

These Terms and Conditions shall govern the legal relationship between all HouseHoppers branches and its clients:

Payment and Acceptance and Cancellation

  1. A 50% deposit is required to confirm your booking and requested dates; the balance is due 72 hours before the moves takes place. Payment can be made by cash or EFT; cheques are not accepted. Cash must be delivered prior to the move; any cash deposits will incur a cash deposit fee. A quote is not a confirmation of a moving date, only a deposit is. Please confirm available dates prior to making payment
  2. All deposit payments must reflect in our bank account within 48 working hours prior to the move date. Moves booked and paid for less than 48 hours to the moving date, require payment in full.
  3. If payment is received without a signed quote, the payment implies that the quote has been accepted together with the terms and conditions.
  4. HouseHoppers reserves the right to cancel the work should the quotation not be signed and forwarded by return e-mail 7 days prior to the move date to bemoved@househoppers.co.za dates and jobs are not confirmed until the 50% deposit has been received.
  5. Notice of cancellation must be made in writing 3 days prior to the moving date, failing which the 50% deposit will be forfeited. In this regard the client waives the right to rely on a defence based on the Conventional Penalties Act.
  6. Quotes are valid for 15 days
  7. HouseHoppers VAT Numbers:
    • HouseHoppers Logistics Johannesburg (Pty) Ltd is VAT registered VAT number 4900295686
    • HouseHoppers Relocations Cape Town (Pty) Ltd is VAT registered VAT number 4890303318
  8. HouseHoppers Banking Details:
    • HouseHoppers Logistics Johannesburg (Pty) Ltd FNB 62748256303 Clearwater Mall Branch Code 251141.
    • HouseHoppers Relocations Cape Town (Pty) Ltd FNB 62748229863 Clearwater Mall Branch Code 251141
  9. Quoted prices do not include wrapping, crating, redelivery, shuttle or additional drop off or collections, unless specifically stated. Please see clause 26, for more attributes of the different types of jobs.


  1. HouseHoppers provides basic in-transit insurance for instances related to vehicle hi jacking, over turning, fire, and theft (theft as a result of one of the aforementioned) at a fixed rate per load of 1000cft. In transit does NOT cover accidental damage. For Accidental damage, we suggest ALL RISK cover which can be obtained from your current insurer at affordable rates due to risk profiles, some insurers provide it free of charge subject to their terms and conditions. HouseHoppers can also arrange ALL RISK cover on your behalf, should it be required, through an external insurance broker. Unless all risk insurance is requested at an additional fee, only the standard in-transit insurance, will apply
  2. If additional all risk insurance is required, the Insurance is covered by the Terms and Conditions of the supplier, please ensure you receive a copy of these. International moves require door to door cover and values should reflect the replacement value in the destination country and currency
  3. Insurance does not cover storage units unless specifically requested and stated on your cover, an insurance extension can be requested. The contract for storage is between the storage facility and the client, regardless if HouseHoppers recommended the facility.
  4. Vehicle transport is provided by a 3rd party supplier and the Terms and Conditions of the suppliers are valid for the transport, please ensure that you receive a copy of these. Please confirm with your consultant if insurance is included. If insurance is included any vehicle claim has a ceiling limit of R500 000k
  5. Additional insurance, over and above the in-transit insurance, does not cover any loss or damage caused by gradual deterioration, wear and tear, atmospheric or attic conditions, inherent vice, moth damage, consequential loss of data, electric or electrical mechanical derangement and internal damage of electrical appliances, unless there is evidence of external damage to the insured items or its packaging
  6. HouseHoppers does not move the following items: jewellery, watches, firearms, ammunition, cash, precious electronic goods (EG laptops, I-pads, cell phones, I-pods etc) valuable documents (including collections of any kind) or precious stones, cameras and binoculars. These items should be removed from the house before HouseHoppers arrives to conduct the move. HouseHoppers takes no responsibility for any of these items if they are left in the house.
  7. Any individual items valued at more than R10 000 must be stipulated on an itemised inventory in order for any insurance claim to be valid. It is the client’s responsibility to notify HouseHoppers of these items and provide relevant values. In case of antiques please ensure that these items are specified with relevant valuation certificate or proof of purchase.
  8. Whilst HouseHoppers will take all reasonable steps to care for your goods, we do not accept any liability for any breakages or damages howsoever caused and to the extent you may have a claim, same shall be deemed to have been waived.

Long Distance transport

  1. All long-distance Quotes are based on a shared load basis and are subject to availability and scheduled dates. Shared loads are generally scheduled as per the below but may differ depending on availability and demand. Loading for Durban: Mondays and Tuesdays, delivery days Wednesday and Thursdays. Loading for Cape Town and the Garden Route: Thursdays and Fridays, delivery for the Garden Route will be over weekends and Cape Town on Mondays and Tuesdays. If a consignment fills a truck (90-140m3), will the collection and delivery dates can be determined by the client, subject on availability.
  2. HouseHoppers does occasionally make use of third-party suppliers to assist with Long Distance transport, including vehicles. All companies are vetted by ourselves and HouseHoppers has long standing relationships with these companies.
  3. Certain item are prohibited from being transported in Long Distance vehicles, please note that the following items cannot be transported: gas cylinders (full or empty), paint, any flammable liquid (diesel, petrol, turpentine methylated spirits etc.) aerosol cans. Any pieces containing these items must be drained thoroughly before transport (generator, lawn mower).

 Installation, Boxes and Materials

  1. It’s the client’s responsibility ensure that the correct TV points, water and electricity connections and rails must be in place for us to complete the installations thereof (“The HouseHopper type move”) This can be arranged by a separate contractor if required, at an additional fee.
  1. The price quoted does not include packaging material, or redelivery, unless specifically itemised on the quote and information email.
  2. HouseHoppers uses an array of different packing materials, some disposable and some reusable
  3. Certain types of jobs include different levels of protective wrapping. The HouseHopper includes full wrapping, The Hoppers does not include full wrapping and wrapping is based on the client’s request
  4. HouseHoppers use hard utility boxes to pack items (The HouseHopper) and not brown boxes (unless in cases of Long Distance, International or storage options). Cardboard boxes that can be retained by the client would need to be purchased separately.
  5. HouseHoppers does not unpack boxes that have not been packed by ourselves. HouseHoppers does not take any responsibility for items in boxes that have not been packed by ourselves. Items and boxes not packed by HouseHoppers will not be covered by our insurance.
  6. Types of Moves and their attributes:
    • The HouseHopper– Pack Move and Unpack- All items are packed in plastic crates (unless your move is to storage, National or International, then carboard boxes are used) all items are generally wrapped using a combination of bubble wrap, correx board and/ or specialized blankets
    • The Hopper– Collect and Deliver- Clients packs and unpacks themselves, HouseHoppers collects and delivers the furniture, items to be wrapped (included in price) include beds, TV, light fabric furniture, and mirrors- as per client’s advice. Additional wrapping is at an additional cost. All boxes must be packed and ready for transport, small items, that are not packed in boxes, will not be moved. Fridge and microwave glass must be removed from appliances and packed separately to the appliance. Appliances must be disconnected, TV brackets and wall hung items (including pictures and frames) must be removed prior to the move. Loose shelves must be removed from cupboards and bookcases. Boxes must be labelled with the name of the intended room at destination. Lamp shades must be removed from lamps
    • Long Distance– National Transport, can be ‘The Hopper’ or ‘The HouseHopper’ option for packing and wrapping. Carboard boxes are used. Additional wrapping is at an additional cost
    • International– International Transport, Includes packing for “The HouseHopper’ with additional wrapping for the furniture


  1. HouseHoppers does not rehang pictures, TV’s, headboards or any items that require a drill machine or nails in walls.
  2. HouseHoppers reserves the right to charge extra if: extra goods are removed that were not listed on the inventory: if either property is on the 2nd story or higher and no notice was given, if extra services are provided at your request, if a shuttle vehicles is required for whatever reason, if there are any delays caused due to builders being on site, uncompleted properties, external professionals delays (interior designers or site managers) or access issues- a half hourly rate will apply for additional time.
  3. Live plants, flammable liquids, and gas bottles (full or empty) will not be stored in storage units.
  4. HouseHoppers does not move baby grand pianos and slate top pool and snooker tables. Additional contractors will be appointed for these items at an additional cost, over and above the moving fee, unless specified on the quote as a line item
  5. Customers have 5 days to report any issues and/ or damages that may have occurred during or on the move, failing which no such claims will be entertained.
  6. The number of loads has been carefully estimated on what is needed to be moved, if extras are added and we need to do additional loads, there will be additional charges.
  7. It is the client’s responsibility to check that the truck is empty when the team have finished offloading., as well as check that all items to be transported, have been removed from the original property on the day of the move before the moving team departs. If the original property is not checked and items are left behind, additional charges will apply to have these items collected and delivered on another day.
  8. Any client who tests positive, for Covid, 5 days or less prior to a job, must notify HouseHoppers. HouseHoppers will best accommodate the client with alterative dates if they wish to change their date, with no penalties. If the moving date is retained then a compulsory fogging fee, equivalent to 5% of the full moving cost, will apply for fogging prior to the team starting the job. The patient should not be present for the move.
  9. The client irrevocably guarantee’s that the goods to be moved are owned by the client and hereby irrevocably indemnify HouseHoppers against all and any claims from its lawful owners should these goods not be owned by yourself
  10. These terms contain the whole agreement between HouseHoppers and the client, and no agreement varying, adding to, deleting from or cancelling this agreement (including this clause) and no waiver of any right under this agreement shall be effective unless in writing and signed by or on behalf of the parties.
  11. HouseHoppers processes your information in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act No. 4 of 2013. For HouseHoppers to render its services, the information provided will be shared with the relevant service providers. HouseHoppers will retain your personal information for a period of 48 months, thereafter. You have the right to request, where necessary, the correction, destruction or deletion of your personal information as provided for in terms of section 24 of the Act.


  1. In consideration of the current state of loadshedding in South Africa, HouseHoppers will make every reasonable effort to work around power outages. However, in the event that loadshedding significantly delays the move, the additional costs incurred as a result thereof will be billed to the client’s invoice and the client will be liable for the additional charges. HouseHoppers will take all reasonable precautions to avoid such delays, but cannot be held responsible for the impact of loadshedding on the move schedule.
  2. If a lift or electrical equipment is required for the move, the client is responsible for verifying that the equipment, including but not limited to the service elevator, is operational during loadshedding and for informing HouseHoppers of any constraints that may apply on the move day prior to the move specifically related to loadshedding. HouseHoppers will make reasonable efforts to accommodate any such constraints, but cannot guarantee that all requirements can be met.

Owners Responsibilities

  1. All boxes and goods must be packed and ready for transport. HouseHoppers will not move any items that are left loose in terms of crockery or breakable items.
  2. Pack all precious items including cell phones, laptops, jewellery and monies in your car prior to the removal team arriving.
  3. Any packing and packaging of any sort must be request prior to the move to ensure adequate materials are supplied on the day
  4. TV’s and TV brackets must be removed from walls and wrapped for transport
  5. Stabilizing brackets must be installed to machines prior to the machines being moved, if not the machines will be moved without them
  6. All items that do not fit through doorways must be dismantled prior to the move, if not additional charges will apply for dismantling.
  7. Upright fridges and freezers must be transported empty and fragile glass shelves must be secured or removed from the units
  8. Chest freezers can be transported with their contents provided they are of a reasonable weight.
  9. Clearly mark where boxes should be placed at the new house, i.e. what room they should be placed in. Please remember to mark to corresponding rooms at the new house to minimize the chaos when offloading
  10. Dangerous and flammable items will not be transported in the truck for example, diesel, paraffin, guns, explosives etc.
  11. Remove the glass plate from the microwave
  12. Remove loose shelves from cupboards and units, especially ones with glass
  13. Remove lamp shades from lamps
  14. Note and point out any fragile or damaged items that require extra care
  15. All items to be moved must be removed from walls and packaged including curtains

Handy Hints

  1. Insurance: Most household insurance companies offer an in-transit insurance for the transportation of your goods. They normally cover cases of FCO (Fire, Collision and over turning). Additional insurance may be required for any valuable items that are being moved
  2. Moving day: can be a very stressful day so please ensure that boxes are marked as to what rooms they should be placed in as well as the corresponding rooms at the new property
  3. Pets: moving day can very stressful for pets, please ensure that they are safely locked away so they cannot run into busy roads for find their way under vehicles tire’s
  4. Children: moving day can be very stressful for little ones so we advise to send them to granny for the day to ensure they are safe and secure while the heavy furniture is being moved
  5. Fragile Items: please ensure that fragile items, including boxes, are clearly marked to ensure the upmost care when handling them
  6. Damaged Items: please point out already damaged items to ensure that they secured correctly to prevent further damage
  7. Placement of furniture: try and pre determine where furniture should be placed before the day to avoid the chaos when the truck is offloaded
  8. Clean out: it’s always best to do a clean out before the day of a move to ensure that you don’t move the “junk” with you
  9. Appliances: check appliances before they are moved to ensure that they are empty.
  10. Items not to be moved: best to clearly mark these items to ensure that they are left behind and not loaded into the truck.
  11. Vehicles access: ensure that there is adequate access to the vehicle to enter the property, if not a shuttle may be required at an additional expense.

Terms & Conditions: Utilities

HouseHoppers Consulting (PTY) LTD  t/a HouseHoppers

These Terms and Conditions shall govern the legal relationship between all HouseHoppers branches and its clients:

  1. HouseHoppers is an independent rates consultancy firm that aids consumers in opening accounts, closing accounts/ obtaining refunds, and problem-solving billing errors. We act as facilitators and with our thorough knowledge of the different municipalities’ processes and workings we are able to speed up the process. While still at the mercy of the municipalities to process the work, we cannot be held liable for any processing errors done by the relevant municipalities.
  2. Timeframes provided are guidelines only. HouseHoppers aims to resolve all work and queries as quickly as possible but there may be unforeseen delays from time to time.
  3. HouseHoppers work is based on information supplied to the company by the client, should any information be incorrect HouseHoppers will not be liable for any errors as a result thereof.
  4. HouseHoppers is required, by law, to follow all and any processes and procedures set out by the relevant municipalities. This supersedes any “desired” outcomes. All fees due for work processed, and accepted by a client, will be payable should the “desired” outcome not be achieved, and if the work has been corrected in accordance with the relevant municipalities’ policy and procedures. If HouseHoppers is unable to resolve or rectify the issue with the factual information available, and in accordance with the relevant municipalities’ policies and procedures, the matter will then be referred to a legal entity that will carry additional charges.
  5. All HouseHoppers fees are required in advance before any work will commence. Please ensure the correct reference is used when making payments. Fees for queries are due immediately on the presentation of an invoice. HouseHoppers fees will not be refunded under any circumstances, including but not limited to the following; low or nil refund due to unforeseen circumstances; any delay in any process or accounts that have already been opened unbeknown to the consumer/ HouseHoppers (HouseHoppers does not check the existence of an account prior to starting the process). If a fee is refunded, at the discretion of HouseHoppers, for any reason, it will be refunded less an admin fee and less work that has already been processed on your file. Any fees that are not settled within the stipulated time will be referred to a debt collection agency which will result in additional fees being charged. The fees will remain for the account of the client.
  6. The municipalities change their policies and procedures often and without notification, this does cause problems and delays in our process. HouseHoppers cannot be held liable for this as it is beyond our control.
  7. HouseHoppers aims to provide feedback when progress has been made on accounts or at least every 4 weeks. Should you require feedback between these periods please feel free to contact your HouseHoppers coordinator directly.
  8. Any account which involves the creation of a new rates account (opening, closings or queries) is dependent on the LIS (Land Information) system being up to date with the new ownership details. Should it not be updated within the required time and should HouseHoppers need to intervene to get it updated, additional charges will be incurred as it will constitute a separate query
  9. Account opening: When new accounts are opened, they are opened with all the exact information as the previous account. If there are errors on the previous account the same errors will appear on the new account. The correction of these errors will constitute a separate query. Sub Division and consolidation accounts differ slightly from the normal account opening and closing procedure, and also warrant different fees to process the work.
  10. Account closings and refunds: All accounts to be closed by HouseHoppers must be stipulated. HouseHoppers cannot be held liable for any omitted accounts. If an attorney requires payment to obtain archived or other documents, the client is responsible for these payments. Obtaining documents on behalf of clients is a courtesy service we offer and we cannot be held liable if attorneys do not honour requests for documents timeously. We will do our best to assist clients with obtaining documents but the responsibility ultimately lies with the client to ensure that all documents are forthcoming. No monies should be paid into relevant municipalities’ accounts after the clearance figures have been paid. If monies have been paid after the date of transfer additional HouseHoppers fees may be applicable to have these additional amounts refunded. Buyer information is required to ensure that accounts are closed correctly. HouseHoppers will not be held liable if this information has not been supplied and delays the process. HouseHoppers cannot be held liable if refunds are rejected due to incorrect council processing. Refund amounts are estimated at the beginning of the process. These are very basic calculations and do not include a full investigation into the account which could reveal billing errors and which could alter the initial estimated refund. Readings are needed when closing an Eskom account. If they are not submitted to HouseHoppers and Eskom uses the readings closest to the closing date, HouseHoppers cannot be held liable for the under or overcharges. There are several steps involved in obtaining the refund and each step is handled by a different coordinator. 
  11. Accounts are closed from the date of transfer and no other date. If occupation is given prior/ after this date, the consumption charges must be recovered directly between the buyer and the seller. Additional fees will be applicable for recons done for occupational periods.
  12. The relevant municipalities may require further information (other than what is required initially) during the opening, closing or query process and this may cause unforeseen delays. They may require further information (other than what is required initially) during the process and this may cause unforeseen delays.
  13. HouseHoppers does not take responsibility for lost or damaged original documents that are provided to HouseHoppers, HouseHoppers prefer copies of all documents. HouseHoppers may make use of additional service providers to process work on your file from time to time and your information will be supplied to the relevant service providers.
  14. Once a file has been archived in our office an additional fee will be charged to retrieve it. Clients will be notified prior to archiving.
  15. Investigation fees are payable upfront. No investigations proceed prior to payment being received. The investigation fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  16. Valuation files are backdated to the current valuation roll only, in accordance with the rates Act Council do not open previous valuation rolls for amendments or adjustments. Should this be required it will need to be addressed on a legal basis which HouseHoppers is not qualified to do.
  17. HouseHoppers work is based on physical facts and information from the council and the client, if there is insufficient evidence to resolve an issue, the matter would need to be addressed on a legal basis which HouseHoppers is not qualified to do. Work already processed on the file will need to be settled in full.
  18. HouseHoppers cannot guarantee the successful locating of job cards. We will endeavour to locate the required job card or explore an alternative solution to resolve the billing issue, however, no guarantee can be given in accordance with clause 16.
  19. If any fees remain outstanding, HouseHoppers will not proceed/start a file until such time that the fees have been settled in full.
  20. HouseHoppers cannot be held liable for any disconnections at a property especially due to non-payment of accounts. Although accounts are flagged to avoid this, it can be overridden by the credit department. HouseHoppers will not be liable for any loss/ damage or inconvenience caused. Whatsoever.
  21. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that all documents are filled out correctly and the correct information supplied. HouseHoppers will not take responsibility for incorrect information supplied which results in any delays or errors.
  22. HouseHoppers cannot be held liable for any delays caused relating to meter installations when the cause of the delay is council related., including but not limited to errors on the relevant municipalities systems and any shortage of stock items etc.
  23. It is the client’s responsibility to inform HouseHoppers of any installations that have taken place.
  24. The completion and resolution of a query is valid for 30 days, being a billing cycle on the relevant municipalities system, HouseHoppers does not take any responsibility for any additional errors on the account whether related directly to the initial query or not.
  25. Any entity that provides HouseHoppers authority to work on an account, also remains responsible for the payment of HouseHoppers fees.
  26. Interest reversals can only be done with the correct facts off council system.
  27. The HouseHoppers service is mandated to complete the work stipulated and discussed. If additional queries should arise prior to, after or during the process, these will be billed as separate queries as they are not included into the mandated service price.
  28. An account opening (from a new account or existing account) pertains to an account opening only and not any other services, including but not limited to a valuations query, resolution of billing query, address change etc.
  29. The work mentioned in our email is the only work quoted for any separate work will occur additional fees
  30. This is a living document and is altered from time to time due to the ever-changing nature of the business. Please ensure that you have the latest version.

Terms & Conditions: Suppliers