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Moving Services


Home Moves

The HouseHopper – Pack | Move | Unpack

All in one day, straight into your cupboards; Beds are Made, Curtains are up, and even your appliances are connected and ready for use.


The Hoppers – Furniture Removal

All packed up? We can collect and Deliver already packed boxes and furniture to your new home.


Office Moves

The Office Hopper

Corporate and relocating? We can assist with office moves, with limited business disruptions.



We can provide you with all the necessary packaging materials to assist you with your home or office move.


Additional Relocating Extras


Storage Solutions


DSTV Installation

Packing Staff



Utilities through The City of Johannesburg 


Account Openings

Our account openings department handles all new account openings including sectional title and full title.

​We streamline the process of opening your accounts. The process normally takes a few weeks to have the ownership details updated by the deeds office, but once that has been completed the actual account opening process only takes a few days.

Full title properties: We assist with all five services that are required – rates, refuse, sewer, water and electricity (Eskom included with a surcharge). Consumption deposits are required for water and electricity accounts and are held in the City of Johannesburg until the account is closed at which point it’s then refunded.

Sectional title properties: We assist with the rates and refuse accounts. Water, sewer and electricity are billed through the body corporate.

​For more information and a free quotation on the opening process please email


Account Closings and Refunds

The refunds department is responsible for the closing and refunding of accounts. There are 3 main steps in the process as listed below:

​1.     Account closure – closing of the account/s which stops further billing.

2.     Adjustments – reversal of all incorrect charges, charged after date of transfer.

3.     Refund application – formal application to have funds paid out.

The refund process is an ever changing process due to the new systems and the fraud possibilities. Our HouseHoppers co-ordinators process the files following the above 3 steps, and keep you updated throughout the process.

For more information and a free quotation on the closing and refunding process please email

Account Queries

Our queries division will investigate and assist with the resolving of an array of different billing issues, some of which have been listed below. An initial investigation will determine the cause of the problem and HouseHoppers will be able to formulate the best possible method to resolve the issue. We believe that the source of the disruption needs to be attended to rather than fixing the symptoms.

Our thorough understanding and knowledge of City of Johannesburgs’ intricate systems, policies and procedures, assists us in finding the best possible solution to any billing query.

HouseHoppers charges a nominal fee for the initial investigation of R900.00 incl VAT which is payable in advance. Once completed a full report is provided to the client detailing the cause of the problem and the best possible solution, and quotation to resolve the issue.

​For more information on City of Johannesburg queries please email

Common queries we can assist with are:

Meter issues

Over billing issues

Credit transfers

Incorrect accounts with your name

Valuation queries